Roof window FAKRO PTP U3

Roof window FAKRO PTP U3

PTP U3 window is a completely new roof window of metal-plastic construction. Ideal for use in attics with high humidity, such as bathrooms or kitchens. The window can be white, in the color of “golden oak” or “natural pine”.

The PTP U3 window is strong, not subject to corrosion and change of atmospheric factors, and care of it is reduced to a minimum.

The material from which the window is made does not absorb moisture and is resistant to acids and alcohol.


Double-glazed windows

The PTP U3 window is equipped with thermal insulation double-glazed windows with a warm TGI remote frame. This is a single-chamber double-glazed window 4H-16-4T with external tempered glass, with a low-emission layer.


The PTP U3 roof window has a triple sealing system – one main and two additional seals.


The handle is located in the lower part of the frame, so the use of the window is easy and simple, and the design of the handle allows you to leave the window in two positions of microventilation.

External aluminum profiles

From the outside, the PTP U3 window is protected by aluminum profiles, covered on both sides with polyester, which increases their strength and provides reliable protection against atmospheric factors. The profiles are made of aluminum sheet with a thickness of 1 mm. Externally, the PTP U3 window is no different from other FAKRO windows.


The PTP U3 window is complemented by a wide range of accessories, both external and internal, which are fastened with screws for PVC profile. The shape of the frame and box is similar to the corresponding elements of other FACRO windows. Due to this, the frame-mounted interior accessories are ideal for both wooden and plastic windows.

Method of installation

The window is mounted in the roof with an angle of inclination from 15 ° to 90 ° together with a sealing collar. The box is prefabricated mounting brackets for mounting on the battens in the roof structure. The installation of a PTP window does not require additional skills from the installers, as it is not fundamentally different from the installation of a wooden roof window.

Other products
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Small gutter - it is attached to the line of intersection of two slopes, which form the inner angle of inclination. It is used for aesthetic and reliable design of the joint of two slopes.
Sealing tapes are used under the ridge and at the joints of tent-shaped roofs when installing the roof.
Round ridge - the upper edge of the roof, used for metal roofs and prevents moisture from entering between the sheets of roofing material.
dahovi vikna fakro ftp v u3 ta fts v u2
Rotary windows FTP-V U3 and FTS-V U2 are the most popular, simple and reliable models of roof windows.