Roof windows FAKRO FTP-V U3 and FTS-V U2

Roof windows FAKRO FTP-V U3 and FTS-V U2

Rotary windows FTP-V U3 and FTS-V U2 are the most popular, simple and reliable models of roof windows.

The design of the curtains, located on the central horizontal axis of the window, allows you to leave the window ajar, as well as rotate the frame around its axis by 180º and fix with a clamp to easily wash the outside of the window.

The handle, which is located at the bottom of the window allows you to tightly close the window or place the frame in two positions, leaving a gap between it and the window box for fresh air to enter the room.

Because the ventilation slot is located in the upper part of the box, the effective glazing surface of FAKRO windows is approximately 6% larger than other roof windows of the same size. This contributes to better lighting of the room.

Technical parameters:FTS-V U2FTP-V U3
Ro double glazing:1.0 m² ºC / W1.0 m² ºC / W
Sound insulation coefficient:32 dB32 dB
Density class:IV highestIV highest
Double glazing:4H – 16 – 4T4H – 16 – 4T
Low emission layer:++
Double-glazed window inert gas:++
The outer glass is tempered:++
Ventilation slot type:V10V40P
Vent productivity. slits:9 m³ / hto 52 m³ / h
Varnish wood coating:2 times2 times
Micro-tilt function:++
Other products
Wind lower bar - a decorative bar that is attached under the upper wind bar and gives the roof a finished look.
Wall lath - used in the case of adjoining the roof slope to the wall.
Under gutter lath is a decorative bar that is attached under the gutter bar and gives the roof an aesthetically complete look.
Strotex1300 membrane is a superdiffusion three-layer, polypropylene material, which consists of two outer layers that provide strength and resistance to ultraviolet light, as well as an inner functional layer that provides waterproofing and vapor permeability function.
Snow barrier - a roof element that serves to prevent a sharp and sudden collapse of a large amount of snow from the roof. This roofing element is used for uniform and gradual ascent of snow and fastens on a professional flooring.
Round ridge - the upper edge of the roof, used for metal roofs and prevents moisture from entering between the sheets of roofing material.
FPP-V U3 preSelect swivel window is a new generation window, which is characterized by a modern, functional design and ease of maintenance.
Over gutter lath- is attached to the cornice under the roofing material and serves to get condensate into the gutter.
Used for installation of roofing materials, covered with a special paint, which not only gives an aesthetic appearance, but also protects the head of the screw from corrosion.
Big gutter - it is attached to the line of intersection of two slopes, which form the inner angle of inclination. It is used for aesthetic and reliable design of the joint of two slopes.