Everyone has long known that the correct insulation of the house brings a number of significant benefits – from a positive impact on the environment and ending with smaller amounts for heating in payment receipts.

You should also pay attention to another important aspect of proper thermal insulation of the building – its role in terms of health of the occupants of the house. After all, thanks to high-quality insulation, in winter the home will always be warm, and in summer the walls will keep cool. However, this is much more than just a guarantee of thermal comfort. Due to the insulation of external walls, the temperature of the walls inside the building will be almost the same as the temperature of the air in the room. This means that we will not deal with the unfavorable phenomenon of increased convection, which leads to the formation of currents in the air, the result of which is, for example, a large amount of dust.

It is estimated that most of the heat, about 40%, comes through the facade. That is why we must pay special attention to the insulation of this part of the house, for example, choosing the appropriate insulation material. For this purpose EUROBUD EPS made in Ukraine according to the highest European standards will be ideally suited.

High humidity, or too dry air in the house?

Another equally important factor is the humidity in the house. Too intense heating leads to a significant decrease in humidity in the house. And this adverse phenomenon can cause diseases such as headaches, coughs, dry eyes and even problems with concentration. On the other hand – too humid air leads to rapid growth of mold and fungi, which also have a very negative effect on our airways. That is why it is so important that the humidity inside the house is always at the proper level. But how can this be achieved? The answer is simple – take care of quality insulation! When it is too cold, the relative humidity increases, creating ideal conditions for the growth of mold and fungus. In order to raise the temperature inside the building, you should choose the appropriate insulation of the exterior walls. This solution will not require intensive heating to maintain a comfortable temperature, as less heat will escape from the building.

Breathe great!

Air pollution is one of the most important problems of the modern world. This is not only extremely unfavorable for the natural environment, but also leads to many serious diseases among humans. The European Environment Agency estimates that several hundred thousand people die each year in Europe from air pollution.

For this reason, it is also important to use certified insulation to ensure air quality in our homes. In addition, according to research conducted in neighboring Poland, the source of smog in 52% is the so-called small emissions, ie mainly from local boilers and households. This indicates the scale of the problem of using old stoves, unsuitable fuel for heating and the lack of effective insulation.

We can assure you without hesitation that by insulating the house properly and efficiently, you are doing a service not only for yourself and your wallet, but also for the environment.