The corner aluminum perforated with a grid

The corner aluminum perforated with a grid

Perforated aluminum angle with a grid of 2.5 m and 3.0 m, for leveling and reinforcing the corners of the house when insulating the facade with foam and framing the slopes of windows or doors.


In addition to repairs inside the room, the angle with the grid is widely used in the installation of insulation systems for facades of buildings. One of the design requirements for insulation of external walls of buildings is to cover the seams of insulation or polystyrene slabs with fiberglass. The grid angle performs this function on the corners and slopes of buildings.

On a corner of a design put putty, then establish a corner with a grid so that through openings in a corner the solution has left. Using a spatula, the grid along the entire length is lowered into the solution on both sides of the corner. Then the solution on the surface of the corner is leveled with a spatula flush with the wall. As a result, we obtain the reinforcement of adjacent surfaces, formed an ideally equal angle.

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One of the most effective and modern methods of heating in private homes and apartments have become underfloor heating systems. Increasingly, they are used not only as additional heating, but also as the main heating system.
krautherm klebemortel 90 eps 1
Dry mineral mixture Krautherm Klebemörtel 90 EPS for preparation of the solution intended for gluing of insulating plates from expanded polystyrene in heat-insulating systems.
krautherm 95 uni
Fiber-reinforced dry mineral mixture, which is used for gluing insulation materials and installation of reinforced glass mesh waterproof plaster coating in thermal insulation systems.
Fiberglass mesh "Eurobud" is used as a reinforcing material in systems of external warming of houses, for restoration works, reinforcement of cracks in ceilings, walls, gluing of ceramic tiles, reinforcement of self-leveling floors, prevents cracking of surfaces at drying, shrinkage of temperatures, etc.
dyubel 1 1
The dowel Eurobud with a plastic nail for fastening of light heat-insulating materials on the basis of expanded polystyrene and expanded polyurethane to a basis from concrete, a brick or a stone, in systems of warming by a method "easy-wet" and in systems of hinged ventilated facades.
tsokolna planka02
The socle lath (profile) - the aluminum starting profile is intended for formation of zero level at gluing of a heater (styrofoam), various thickness, in plaster systems of warming.