RAINWAY drainage system
RAINWAY drainage system
RAINWAY drainage system

RAINWAY drainage system

RAINWAY drainage systems, developed in Ukraine, effectively solve the problem of drainage of rain and melt water from roofs:

  • private homes
  • garages and gazebos
  • multi-storey residential and office buildings
  • industrial facilities
  • other buildings
Elements of the drainage system

RainWay drainage system is available in two sizes:

System / parameterGutter cross sectionPipe diameterPurpose
RAINWAY 130130 mm100 mmHouses with a roof area of ​​more than 100 m², but not more than 5 floors
RAINWAY 9090 mm75 mmSmall architectural forms – gazebos, roofs, garages, as well as houses with a roof area less than 100 m²Pipe diameter


Other products
The upper edge of the roof, used for corrugated roofs and prevents moisture from entering between the sheets of roofing material.
Strotex1300 membrane is a superdiffusion three-layer, polypropylene material, which consists of two outer layers that provide strength and resistance to ultraviolet light, as well as an inner functional layer that provides waterproofing and vapor permeability function.
Strotex water barrier is a permeable microperfected waterproofing roofing film.
Snow retainer - a roof element that serves to gradually descend the snow from the roof. This type of snow retainer (crown-shaped) is attached to a metal tile.
Sealing tapes are used under the ridge and at the joints of tent-shaped roofs when installing the roof.
PTP U3 window is a completely new roof window of metal-plastic construction. Ideal for use in attics with high humidity, such as bathrooms or kitchens. The window can be white, in the color of "golden oak" or "natural pine".
FPP-V U3 preSelect swivel window is a new generation window, which is characterized by a modern, functional design and ease of maintenance.
Over gutter lath- is attached to the cornice under the roofing material and serves to get condensate into the gutter.
Used for installation of roofing materials, covered with a special paint, which not only gives an aesthetic appearance, but also protects the head of the screw from corrosion.
Big gutter - it is attached to the line of intersection of two slopes, which form the inner angle of inclination. It is used for aesthetic and reliable design of the joint of two slopes.