Only quality building insulation significantly reduces heat loss and allows for substantial savings on heating and home conditioning costs. But how do you choose truly high-quality foam insulation?

Before purchasing foam insulation, we often visit various construction industry websites and numerous online forums in search of information about it. However, after a more comprehensive analysis, the question arises: how to choose the best option from the multitude of offers?

The video will cover the issues consumers face when choosing polystyrene foam for building insulation:

  • Which brand of polystyrene foam would be most suitable for your needs?
  • How to make a cost-effective choice of foam insulation?
  • What factors should be considered when selecting polystyrene foam?

Insights into these and other questions from specialists at “Eurobud” will be valuable for you on the path to quality insulation for your building.

Also, the main criteria for high-quality polystyrene foam are further detailed in the “Eurobud Quality Program – guaranteed EPS quality.”

If you need additional information regarding foam insulation, we would be happy to provide consultation at the following phone number: +38 097 955 77 77.