Eurobud’s main principle is to adhere to European quality standards at all stages of production!

When we speak about Eurobud being synonymous with excellent quality in every square meter, it’s not merely words but the guiding principle of our manufacturing. We consistently progress by updating our production lines, meticulously selecting high-quality European raw materials, and rigorously monitoring the product at every stage of manufacturing. The presence of state-of-the-art high-tech equipment from the best European manufacturers in Eurobud’s factories allows us to maintain complete control over the product at all production stages.

With 19 years of work and analysis of all key aspects of producing quality polystyrene, we clearly understand that equipment quality influences the consistent control of raw material proportions, providing the foam with the appropriate physico-mechanical properties such as compression and tensile strength, thermal conductivity, density, fire safety, and more. Our production serves as an example of modern technologies and innovations in polystyrene manufacturing that are hard to find even in Europe.

Above all, in our work, we value a professional approach and quality. Eurobud is one of the few Ukrainian manufacturers whose product quality is guaranteed by independent and official state structures. We provide all necessary documentation for our manufactured products – certificates, protocols, and expert conclusions based on the results of independent laboratory tests.

Experience and advanced technologies are the foundation of our product quality.

Choose quality – choose Eurobud!