Corrugated sheet HC-12

Corrugated sheet HC-12

Metal profile HC-12 is used as an internal and external protective element of wall cladding, as well as as a roofing material. The most common application of NS-12 is the construction of pitched roofs of various types of buildings, both in the industrial and private sectors.

Color range
Foreign raw materials

All Eurobud products are made exclusively from high-quality imported raw materials

Інноваційне обладнання

We work only with new modern European equipment

Широка гамма кольорів

We offer a wide range of colors and 2 types of coating: glossy polyester and matte polyester

Власний автопарк

We provide our own specialized transport for the delivery of wholesale orders

Other products
Metal sheet НС-35 is stifled during working hours of uninhabited constructions, navigation and forgotten industrial forgetts.
Metal profile NS-18 is used both internal, and external protective element of wall facing, and also as a roofing covering.
Corrugated sheet C-08 is often chosen to cover the walls. Also, the metal profile is often used for cladding buildings, construction of facades, various types of fences, etc.