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Eurobud is one of the leaders in the production of polyfoam, metal and corrugated sheets in Ukraine.

As a manufacturer of EPS, the company began its activities in 2004. Today Eurobud styrofoam is manufactured at two modern factories: in Kalush and Kropyvnytskyi.

The result of great work, professional competence and impeccable business reputation of the company is the trust of world-renowned partners. We produce styrofoam not only under our own brand name, but also under the BauGut brand – for the “Epicenter”, as well as Ceresit – for the world-famous manufacturer of building materials.

Over the years of productive work, our products have insulated thousands homes across the Ukraine, which is more than 40 millions m². We are constantly evolving, expanding and updating.

In 2008, the next step in the company’s development was the opening of a new line of business – the manufacture of metal roofing tiles and corrugated sheets.

Today in Ukraine more than 2 millions m² roofs, facades and fences are made of Eurobud’s products.

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We produce our products exclusively according to European standards. Thanks to the new modern equipment, direct deliveries of foreign raw materials and the control system we can guarantee perfect quality of each of our products at all stages of manufacture.

We create honest and transparent conditions for long term and fruitful cooperation with our partners, we always guarantee profitable formation of cost of goods, and thanks to the adjusted logistics – fast and timely delivery of each order.

The main goal of Eurobud is a guarantee of your comfort. We want everyone to be able to create a warm, energy efficient and long lasting home of their dreams!

Our values

Above all, in our work we value the professional approach and quality.

That is why the main principle of the Eurobud team is compliance with European quality standards at all stages of production.

We are constantly progressing. We update our production lines, select only high-quality foreign raw materials, meticulously control the product at all stages of production.

We choose the best for the best one!

Why are we?

Our benefits

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Thanks to modern automated European equipment of the latest generation and a control system at every stage of production, we can guarantee the perfect quality of each of our products. By choosing us, you get European quality at an affordable price.
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We provide a complete package of documents for our products, and the warranty period is confirmed by official laboratory tests. Eurobud is one of the few manufacturers whose product quality is guaranteed by independent and official state structures.
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Eurobud is the only manufacturer of expanded polystyrene in Ukraine, which has confirmed the term of effective use of foam without loss of primary properties for at least 50 years.
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Production at the Eurobud factories is ecologically clean and practically waste-free. Eurobud company's products have undergone an independent expert assessment of compliance with the requirements of environmental standards at all stages of the product life cycle: from raw materials to the finished product, and have been certified by the Ukrainian eco-label "Green Crane"..
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Eurobud is 18 years of experience and expertise in the production of foam, metal tiles and corrugated board. The main value for us is satisfied consumers, so our qualified managers are always ready to advise and help you choose the best option for you.
We create honest and transparent conditions for long-term and fruitful cooperation with our partners. We always guarantee profitable formation of the cost of goods and timely delivery.
Who we are?

A revolutionary approach to insulation of your home

Our team is constantly working every day to improve the quality of existing products and develop new ones with unique properties so that you can choose what is right for You.
18 years of experience in the Ukrainian market
40M м² of homes are insulated with our foam
2M м² of roofs and fences are made of our metal tiles and corrugated sheets
150+ thousand happy customers
1000+ dealer points