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Ми постійно прогресуємо. Оновлюємо наші виробничі лінії, відбираємо виключно якісну іноземну сировину, прискіпливо контролюємо продукт на усіх стадіях виробництва.
Perfect quality in every м2

λD ≤ 0,032  CS (10) ≥ 60  BS ≥ 100  ρ ≥ 12,5 kg

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EPS 100

λD ≤ 0,036  CS (10) ≥ 100  BS ≥ 150  ρ ≥ 18 kg

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This is a small metal tile, two waves long. This significantly reduces the amount of waste during installation, which is a significant advantage over the sheet version of the tile.
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This is a small metal tile, two waves long. This significantly reduces the amount of waste during installation, which is a significant advantage over the sheet version of the tile.
Why are we?
Revolutionary approach to insulating your home
Our company achieves exceptional quality through rigorous control at every stage of production and the use of state-of-the-art equipment from European manufacturers. With 19 years of experience and analysis of all key aspects in the production of high-quality polystyrene, we clearly understand that the quality of equipment directly affects the consistent control of raw material proportions, providing the foam with appropriate physico-mechanical properties. By choosing us, you gain European quality at an affordable price!
Eurobud's products are certified and manufactured in accordance with current standards. We provide a full package of documents for our products, and the warranty period is confirmed by official laboratory tests. Eurobud is one of the few manufacturers whose product quality is guaranteed by independent and official state structures.
Insulating with our polystyrene is a long-term solution for your home. Eurobud is one of the few polystyrene manufacturers in Ukraine that guarantees the effective use of polystyrene without loss of primary properties for at least 50 years!
We create honest and transparent conditions for long-term cooperation, resulting in trust from clients and globally recognized partners. We value each partner and establish mutually beneficial terms of collaboration aimed at the success of all parties involved.
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The production in Eurobud factories is environmentally friendly and practically waste-free. Our manufactured polystyrene has undergone independent expert assessment at all stages of the product life cycle: from raw materials to the finished product. It is confirmed by the Ukrainian eco-label 'Green Crane', recognized internationally for its environmental significance.
Own fleet of vehicles
Our main goal is to ensure that our products reach the customer quickly, reliably, and undamaged. This is facilitated by our large fleet of vehicles at Eurobud, comprising over 25 trucks. With well-established logistics, we guarantee fast and timely delivery of every order to any region across Ukraine!
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Eurobud embodies 19 years of experience and expertise in manufacturing polystyrene, metal tiles, and profiled sheets. Our primary value lies in satisfied consumers, and therefore, our team of experts is always ready to provide you with consultations regarding our products and their technical aspects.
Expertise, experience, and advanced technologies
Our team is constantly working every day to improve the quality of existing products and develop new ones with unique properties so that you can choose what is right for you.
19 years of experience in the Ukrainian market
40M м² of homes are insulated with our foam
2M м² of roofs and fences are made of our metal tiles and corrugated sheets
150+ thousand happy customers
1000+ dealer points
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