ETICS – are amazing!

In today’s world, where requirements for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability are becoming more and more important, ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems) facade systems act as the most effective and most common method of thermal insulation. Facade systems equipped with plaster combine aesthetics and thermal insulation, creating convenient and stylish solutions for buildings.

What is the ETICS facade system?

ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems) is an abbreviation for “External Thermal Insulation Composite System”. ETICS is a complex thermal insulation system that includes insulation, glue, reinforcing mesh and a decorative layer. The main goal is to improve the thermal insulation of the external walls of the building. However, these systems not only provide effective protection against heat loss, but also create an appearance that corresponds to the latest design trends.

ETICS systems are the most common material and technical solution in Europe for external thermal insulation of buildings. About 300 million square meters of insulated exterior walls of buildings in Europe testify to the scale of the success of ETICS.

ETICS is currently the most popular method of facade insulation due to its ease of installation, a wide selection of materials and solutions, as well as relatively low installation costs.

The ETICS facade insulation system consists of the following components:

  • Adhesive mixture
  • Insulation
  • Mechanical fasteners (dowel)
  • Reinforcing layer (glue solution with reinforcing mesh)
  • Primer
  • Decorative plaster
  • Facade paint

EPS foam is an ideal choice of insulation for facade systems equipped with ETICS plaster. To insulate the facade, it is recommended to choose EPS 60 – EPS 100 brands with a thickness of 15-25 cm. You can choose the necessary foam brand by following the link: Facade insulation systems are equipped with plaster (ETICS) | Eurobud (

In some cases, the layering may differ. ETICS offers solutions for almost all architectural requirements, building types and building regulations. Below is a non-exhaustive overview of the possible applications offered by the many ETICS manufacturers.

*Applying a second layer of external thermal insulation systems (ETICS) on top makes it easy to extend the life cycle of the previous system, increasing energy efficiency and upgrading already insulated walls with lower thermal resistance in accordance with current energy efficiency requirements.

Advantages of ETICS facade systems:
  • Energy efficiency

ETICS facade systems play a key role in improving the energy efficiency of buildings. Using highly efficient thermal insulation materials such as EPS, the system significantly reduces heat loss through the walls, resulting in lower heating and air conditioning costs. ETICS systems provide great benefits throughout the year, are suitable for all European countries and climate zones, and are actively involved in energy conservation and environmental protection.

  • Stability and reliability

ETICS facade systems provide reliable protection against atmospheric influences, ensuring a long service life of the building. The reinforcing mesh and the finishing layer of plaster create a reliable barrier that protects the building from rain, snow, ultraviolet radiation and other negative factors.

  • Durability

ETICS – proven energy-saving systems! In countries such as Austria, Switzerland and Germany, ETICS has been used in the construction industry for over 50 years and has demonstrated exceptional effectiveness. The German Institute for Building Physics regularly monitors the life cycle of insulated facades with the ETICS system. They systematically study the aging process of various projects and document their results in detail. The latest research and the latest reports highlight that even after more than 30 years, all tested facades show no signs of technical defects or malfunctions.

  • Ease of installation

Installation of ETICS facade systems is a fairly simple process, which makes them effective for both new construction and renovation of existing buildings.

  • Decorative possibilities

ETICS facade systems open many decorative possibilities for architects and designers. The finishing layer can have different colors, textures and structures, allowing to create unique external images of buildings. This is important not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for expressing the individuality of each project.

ETICS is an effective tool for achieving high standards of energy efficiency in construction!

ETICS facade systems are an important step towards creating sustainable, energy-efficient and aesthetic buildings. Their use in modern projects contributes to the creation of a comfortable and stylish environment, ensuring high efficiency and durability of structures. Combining an attractive design with thermal insulation and protective properties is a challenge, but with ETICS everything becomes amazingly simple!

Додатково з перевагами фасадних систем ETICS рекомендуємо ознайомитися в інформаційній брошурі EAE (European Association for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems) за посиланням: etics-are-amazing.pdf (

*Source EAE (European Association for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems)