Start the year with new opportunities and prospects! We invite you to join our network of dealers and unlock a myriad of benefits that will open up new horizons for your business.

Why collaborating with EUROBUD is advantageous:

🔹 Product Quality: Our styrofoam meets the highest quality standards, enabling you to supply customers with first-rate products.

🔹 Mutually Beneficial Partnership and Flexible Collaboration Terms: We value each partner and create mutually advantageous cooperation conditions aimed at success for both parties. We strive to develop individualized terms that align with your needs and capabilities.

🔹 Warranty: Eurobud’s products are certified and manufactured in accordance with current standards. We guarantee quality when transportation, storage conditions, and proper usage guidelines are adhered to.

🔹 Reliability: In its 19 years in the market, Eurobud has earned an impeccable business reputation. We establish honest and transparent conditions for long-term cooperation, resulting in trust from clients and globally recognized partners.

🔹 Own Fleet of Vehicles: With a large fleet at our disposal, we ensure prompt and reliable delivery for every order. Eurobud’s logistical and manufacturing capabilities enable us to cover the entirety of Ukraine.

🔹 Support and Consultation: Our team of experts is always ready to provide you with guidance regarding our products and their technical aspects.

🔹 Marketing Support: We provide assistance in advertising and marketing initiatives to promote both your products and your brand.


Join the team shaping the future of the industry. Choose a reliable partner – choose Eurobud!

For more information on collaboration terms, please call:

📞 +38 097 955 77 77

📞 +38 067 560 60 50