From September 1, 2022, 11 amendments to the current building regulations and 14 new DBN entered into force.

In particular, the new DBN V.2.6-31:2021 “Thermal insulation and energy efficiency of buildings” entered into force, which directly affects the activities in our industry. The key change in the updated norms is an increase in the requirements for the minimum permissible indicators of heat transfer resistance (Rq min [m²*K/W]).

From now on, in Ukraine, the minimum permissible value of the reduced heat transfer resistance of the external walls of the enclosing structures of residential and public buildings is 4.00 m²*K/W (for the 1st temperature zone) and 3.50 m²*K/W (for the 2nd temperature zone).

minimalne dopustyme znachennya oporu teploperedachi 2

The full scope of the updated DBN B.2.6-31:2021 can be found on our website in the “Documentation” section.