Today, in the city of Kyiv, the Eurobud company attended one of the most anticipated events in the construction industry – the “ENERGY-EFFICIENT RENEWAL OF UKRAINE” forum. This event brought together the most influential representatives of government, business and specialized associations to discuss current issues in the field of energy-efficient construction.

The purpose of the forum was to create an effective platform for discussing tasks and challenges related to the reconstruction of Ukraine on the basis of energy-efficient green construction. Four panel discussions, in which representatives of ministries, scientists and specialized construction associations participated, were aimed at solving key aspects and identifying ways of cooperation to achieve green and energy-efficient goals in construction in Ukraine.

The main topics discussed during the panel discussions included:

  • Basics of forming a strategy for green and energy-efficient restoration of Ukraine: Participants discussed the key directions and principles of forming a strategy for green construction and energy-efficient restoration of Ukraine.
  • Cooperation and synergy: the role of specialized associations in the reconstruction of Ukraine: The importance of cooperation between specialized associations, business, and government bodies to achieve common goals in the field of sustainable construction and energy efficiency was discussed.
  • Preparation of the regulatory and technical base for the effective recovery of Ukraine: Participants discussed the need to adapt and improve the regulatory and technical base to support energy-efficient and green buildings in Ukraine, which meets international standards and requirements.

Among the participants of the forum were: Head of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the Organization of State Power, Local Self-Government, Regional Development and Urban Planning – OLENA SHULYAK, Head of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine – HANNA ZAMAZYEVA, Director of the “Energy Efficiency Fund” DU – YEHOR FARENYUK, Director of the state enterprise “State Research Institute of Building Structures” HENNADIY FARENYUK and others who took an active part in panel discussions and discussions with professional expertise.

One of the topics of discussion during the second panel discussion at the forum was the problem of restrictions on the use of EPS as insulation for public buildings. SERHIY BOROVETS, a representative of the “Foam Plastic Manufacturers” Association, whose members are the Eurobud company, noted that this existing restriction is unfounded and may complicate the development of the industry in Ukraine. There is no such restriction in European countries, which indicates its unpromising nature in the context of international energy efficiency standards. We hope for the implementation and adaptation of building regulations based on European standards and are ready to cooperate to help solve this problem and develop energy-efficient construction in Ukraine.

The “ENERGY-EFFICIENT RESTORATION OF UKRAINE” forum became not only a platform for discussing problems and finding ways to solve them, but also an incentive for the further development of energy-efficient construction in Ukraine. The participation of the Eurobud company in this event reflects our willingness to actively participate in positive changes in the field of construction and contribute to the creation of sustainable and efficient infrastructure for future generations!