Soon, a new modern factory for the production of foam plastic will start operating in Kropyvnytskyi.

The use of EPS is growing rapidly in construction and other fields such as automotive, medical, shipbuilding, sports and entertainment. The increase in the volume of use in the industries of the final consumer is a direct driver of the development of the market of this material, and as a result, a positive impact on the economy of Ukraine.

One of the leaders in the field of foam plastic production in Ukraine is the Eurobud company, which was founded in 2004. During 17 years of activity, as a result of fruitful work, professional competence and impeccable business reputation of the team, the company covered all 10 regions of Western Ukraine with its products and sold more than 40 million m² of polystyrene foam for consumers in Ukraine.

It is obvious that the company, which prioritizes sustainable development and is aware of the importance of the occupied niche, does not stop there. On the basis of integrity, we are opening another factory for the production of expanded polystyrene in the city of Kropyvnytskyi. Thus, “Eurobud” expands the field of distribution of its products for Ukrainian consumers.

“Today, the Eurobud company delivers its own products to all 10 regions of Western Ukraine. Therefore, our goal was to expand the geography of sales, to provide residents of other parts of Ukraine with quality products. Having chosen the city of Kropyvnytskyi, from the central region, we will be able to deliver products to at least ten regions of central and south-eastern Ukraine with minimal logistical effort,” says the head of Eurobud Center LLC, Roman Volkov.

According to Oleh Khmurenko, director of the plant in Kropyvnytskyi, foam boards for insulation of residential and industrial buildings, density from 7 to 35 kg/m3, thickness from 2 to 40 cm, flammability group G1 will be manufactured here. The finished products will be intended for the domestic market, as significant transport costs prevent the delivery of products over long distances. The total area of the buildings is about 8,000 square meters, the land plot is almost 4.5 hectares, of which more than 2 hectares are intended for development.

The project capacity of the first phase of the enterprise is about 20,000 cubic meters. products per month. New, modern high-tech equipment from the best European manufacturers (Austria, Poland) is installed at the production facility. If the plant reaches full capacity, it is planned to create 120 jobs. In addition, an important factor is that production will be carried out by a separate legal entity, which will be registered in Kropyvnytskyi, so certain types of taxes will go to local budgets.

To date, this is the first production in Ukraine completely designed and built from “scratch”. This became a prerequisite for ensuring the entire production process with one of the highest technological levels. After all, the Eurobud company has been analyzing all the key aspects of high-quality expanded polystyrene for 17 years. One of them is the strong need for high-tech equipment that ensures a smooth process of high-quality foam production. It is the quality of the equipment that affects the constant control of the proportions of raw materials, which gives foam plastic appropriate physical and mechanical properties: compressive and tensile strength, thermal conductivity, flammability indicators, etc. We describe this in more detail in Eurobud EPS Quality Assurance Program.

Also, Roman Volkov focused on the fact that all products will be manufactured according to European standards, European EPS labeling has been introduced (which is already mandatory in Ukraine according to DSTU B EN 13163:2012), also certified in Ukraine. “Evrobud” is an example of an enterprise with clean, waste-free production: only spent steam and fuel combustion products of the boiler house will be released into the air, which meet Ukrainian and European standards, product scraps are processed and returned to the production process, there are no chemical emissions. The products of the Evrobud company are confirmed by the Ukrainian eco-label “Green Crane”.

So, our dear friends, current and future customers, from now on we will be able to deliver your order to you in a matter of days. All you need to do is call 098 633 77 77 and describe your need, and our specialists will give you all the recommendations for the most relevant choice.