It is difficult to predict what this heating season will be like, but you should be prepared for any scenarios. The authorities are actively preparing the infrastructure for winter, but also warn Ukrainians that the 2022-2023 heating season may become the most difficult in the history of independent Ukraine.

Therefore, it is worth preparing now and minimizing heat loss in your home by insulating it with EPS foam. And remember, in order for the insulation to be effective, you need to choose the right brand and thickness of polystyrene foam plates.

For thermal insulation of facades, we recommend using styrofoam with a density of 12.5-18 kg/m³ (EPS 60 – EPS 100), 15-25 cm thick. For thermal insulation of floors on the ground, foundations, plinths, flat and pitched roofs, we recommend using styrofoam with a density of 15-35 kg/m³ (EPS 80 – EPS 250), 15-35 cm thick.


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How to prepare for a difficult heating season?

  • Insulate the house with EPS polystyrene plates
  • Replace entrance doors and windows with energy-efficient ones
  • Ensure the availability of alternative heating (solid fuel boilers, electric heaters, etc.)
  • Take care of warm clothes

Do not wait for a sudden cold, take care of your comfortable winter now. Keep warm with Eurobud!

To order EPS foam:

📞 097 955 77 77 – Western Ukraine

📞 098 633 77 77 – Central Ukraine