We are happy to share with you the story of our client, who works exclusively with styrofoam of our production in his business. “PENOPAK” LLC is a production located in the city of Kamianske, Dnipropetrovsk region, and manufactures packages and products of any complexity and configuration for individual dimensions from styrofoam.

The main advantage of “PENOPACK”, in addition to high-quality styrofoam, is compliance with all requirements of an individual order with incredible accuracy – up to 1 mm. Our client emphasizes an individual approach to each order. He understands that each project has its own requirements and peculiarities, so his team works on each order with attention to detail, ensuring excellent quality and customer satisfaction.

We demonstrate several examples of works by “PENOPACK” LLC using Eurobud styrofoam:

  • Thermal insulation for pipes: ordinary and foil, diameter from 16 mm to 800 mm, wall thickness from 20 mm, with a lock for convenient installation. Used to insulate gas pipelines, water pipelines, sewage pipes and pulp pipelines. It does not allow moisture to pass through, reduces heat loss, increases the service life and reduces the noise level in the room.

  • Thermal container. Allows to store and transport products, objects, pharmaceutical products of any weight, dimensions, consistency and fragility while maintaining a stable temperature in the middle of the box.
  • Lining for a warm floor with grooves (25 mm on each side). The size of the plate is 1000mm * 500mm, thickness 50mm.
  • Wings and fuselage. For an unmanned aerial vehicle. Development and construction according to the customer’s calculations.

  • Lodgement. Insert for reliable fixation of the product or product during transportation.

  • Profiles and corners. Various shapes and lengths. Maximum protection of corner joints for household appliances, equipment, sensitive appliances, furniture, windows and doors, glassware, dishes and much more.

  • Decorative elements of the facade group


Our client emphasizes that one of the key aspects of their successful work is the use of high-quality styrofoam produced by our company. Our product is known for its reliability, strength and durability, making it an ideal choice for making foam packaging and figures.