Eurobud company presents an innovative novelty on the market of roofing materials – modular metal tiles.

This is a small metal tile, two waves long. Which significantly reduces the amount of waste during installation and is a significant advantage over the sheet version of the tile.

Modular metal is also convenient to use for the installation of roofs with a complex structure: pitched roof with dormer windows, terraces, balconies, chimneys. Due to their small size, metal tile modules can be universally combined with various structural elements and roof units.

The structure of modular metal sheets is multilayer, it consists of several components: a base of high-alloy steel with high corrosion resistance, primer and external polymer coating, which protects against mechanical damage and adds an aesthetic appearance. The lower part of the coating is coated with an anti-corrosion primer, which also protects against the destruction of the metal under the influence of moisture.

Modular metal tiles are available in the same wide range of colors and in two types of coatings (glossy polyester, matte polyester), as well as ordinary metal sheets.

The small area and weight of the separate module allows to carry out installation even to one person. Accordingly, there is no risk of damaging the material when applied to the roof during gusts of wind due to the low sail of the modules.

Another advantage of this type of roofing material is ease of transportation. Large, long transport is not required for material delivery.

A nice plus is that ready-made letter modules are always in stock, which significantly reduces the time to complete the order.