Production of expanded polystyrene plates – a long and gradual process:

The process of foaming polystyrene granules. Raw materials are loaded into a special container and steam is supplied under pressure by means of a steam generator. During foaming, the granules increase in size from 20 to 50 times. This process is controlled and lasts an average of 4 minutes. After that, the supply of steam is stopped and the foamed polystyrene is unloaded from the tank.

Drying of foamed granules. After foaming, the granules must be dried from excess moisture. With the help of hot air supplied from below, and constant mechanical shaking, achieve complete drying of the foamed granules.

Hardening of foamed granules. After drying, the foam is placed in special hoppers that correspond to the brands and the process of aging the granules begins. The curing time depends on the size of the granules, as well as the room temperature and can last from 4 to 12 hours.

Block formation. Foamed granules are fed into a special block form, which take the form of a block for 6-12 minutes by means of high temperature and high pressure.

Cutting of expanded polystyrene blocks. The block is placed on the special machine where cutting of polyfoam on plates of various thickness is carried out.