The Eurobud company took part in the energy forum “Independent Thermal Energy”, which took place on November 16 in Kyiv, where, together with representatives of the Government and local self-government bodies, they discussed the issues of energy efficiency, thermal modernization in Ukraine and complex solutions for housing and non-housing stock.

The participants of the event were greeted by acting the Minister of the Ministry of Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine – Vasyl Lozynskyi, as well as the Director of the Energy Efficiency Fund – Yehor Farenyuk.

Due to the full-scale war, Ukraine is facing the most difficult heating season in history. Given the limited supply of energy resources, Ukrainians’ homes will be colder in winter, and the energy infrastructure is under threat due to constant shelling. Therefore, the issue of thermal modernization of buildings is now very relevant.

Despite the military actions, the “Energodim” program from the Energy Efficiency Fund will continue to work and provide energy modernization of high-rise buildings. Under this program, residents of multi-apartment buildings, having modernized their house, in particular insulating it, can return up to 70% of the money spent on works, materials and equipment. More about the program:

It is important that not all thermal insulation materials meet the requirements of this program. Eurobud provides all certificates of conformity and meets the requirements for application in the “Energodom” program from the Energy Efficiency Fund. Take care of the energy efficiency of your house by insulating it with Eurobud polystyrene plates under the “Energodim” program!

Also during the forum, Yehor Farenyuk announced the launch of a new program from the Energy Efficiency Fund – “VidnovyDIM”, under this program, condominiums whose houses were damaged as a result of military operations will be able to easily receive a grant for the restoration of their house with irreversible assistance in the amount of 100%. In particular, funds will be allocated for such works as replacement or repair of windows, exterior doors, facades, roof repairs and other works necessary to ensure the functioning of damaged buildings.